About us

Absolute Adventure is travel agency with 15 years of experience, specialized in organizing and performing activities related to team building programs and events, motivational travels, adventure tourism and group travels. Registered office is in Zagreb, and the programs are organized throughout Croatia. We organize different types of events, including small-group events and events for several hundred participants. The goal of any team building is to improve the communication and to achieve community among employees, to strengthen the team spirit and positive approach to work task.

Our experienced team is composed of responsible and creative professionals. With great pleasure we prepare and organize programs for our clients.
At our agency the client always comes first and we strive at all times to provide high quality services, to offer interesting programs, professional organization and new attractive locations. We provide to our clients all necessary information regarding the destination, team building activities, catering and hotel services, trips to the locations and additional facilities and we are responsible for the entire logistics aspect of the event.

Our programs are based on the improvement of interpersonal relations, which facilitates more successful and quality business operations within the companies.

We perform indoor and outdoor programs under professional supervision and direction. The organization of the team building programs for each of our clients is always individual. Our range of programs includes both entertaining programs and team building products designed in cooperation with experts in the field of psychology (integrative, competitive or comparative programs).

The indoor team building activities include among other things: marketing campaign, model making, team cooking, wine story, team recording/painting, music quiz, pantomime,…

Outdoor activities (activities performed in the nature):

ground activities: team challenge, ancient Olympics, shooting competition, sport games, corporate challenge, roping course, paintball, outdoor orienteering, trekking, free climbing and abseil, off-road, ATV (quad) drive, treasure hunt, photo-safari, American Indian story, western cowboy story, tribal story, agro-adventure, disco-adventure, ...

water activities: water challenge, rafting, kayak and canoeing, ship ride and pirate story,...

activities in the air: tandem-paragliding, balloon flight, parachute jumping from panoramic flight by aircraft.

underground activities: speleo-adventure, caving,...

Our goal is to be a reliable partner to our clients, a partner assuring quality services and guaranteeing successful implementation of specific projects.

Goals of team building programs:
positive approach towards work, team and the organization;
importance of all the employees in working environment creation and results achieving;
tolerance and constructive communication among employees;
concrete suggestions for cooperation and communication improvement;
team spirit, fellowship and positive motivation for future working challenges;
creating a good mood and getting the atmosphere to the high level;
through fun activities supporting participants to understnd communication process;
having fun and relaxing;
achieving mutual goals;
rethinking old and learning new;
engaging and openly discusing;
being constructive and suggesting.

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